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New Anglican - Lutheran Publication

Posted on: March 16, 2005 3:38 PM
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Anglican-Lutheran Agreements, Regional and International Agreements 1972-2002
Photo Credit: ACO

The Anglican Communion Office is pleased to announce a joint publication with the Lutheran World Federation as part of the LWF Documentation Series. This is a comprehensive volume that contains the texts of all the major Anglican - Lutheran ecumenical agreements between 1972 and 2002, bringing them together in one place.

The book includes, amongst other papers, not only the international agreements such as the Cold Ash Report on Episcope, and the recent Growth in Communion report by the Anglican-Lutheran International Working Group, but also regional agreements such as Porvoo, Meissen, Called to Common Mission, Waterloo and Common Ground from Australia. Anglican - Lutheran relations across the globe have taken huge steps forward in the period covered by the book, leading to relations of "full communion" in North America, and significant progress elsewhere.

Anglican-Lutheran Agreements, Regional and International Agreements 1972-2002 will be of value and interest to all students of ecumenism, representing, as it does, the consolidation of thirty years of ecumenical progress and breakthrough.

Order forms can be obtained from Terrie Robinson at the Anglican Communion Office:
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