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Anglican Way/TEAC distributes questionnaire

Posted on: March 12, 2004 9:51 AM
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A working group set up by the Primates of the Anglican Communion has recently sent out a questionnaire to all primates, provincial secretaries, Anglican theological institutions, and other interested parties, in order to compile information on the current provision of theological education within the Anglican Communion.

Theological Education for the Anglican Communion (TEAC) is also asking for comment on specific needs that are not currently being met. The questionnaire was devised by the “Anglican Way” sub-group of TEAC.

TEAC is aware that although the questionnaire has been widely distributed there may be people who have not received it but whose views may be important. A copy of the questionnaire is available from Clare Amos.

The overall aim of TEAC is:

  1. To deliver a well-focused challenge to be a Communion of Christians who read the Bible together in the fullest awareness of who, when and where we are.
  2. To strengthen the sense of why we are Anglicans and what sort of Church we want to be.
  3. To make clear suggestions as to how theological education can be delivered with appropriate professionalism and ecumenical alertness.
  4. To create a culture of teaching and learning in the faith community because all Anglican Christians need some kind of theological education.

Comments received by TEAC after the November 2003 press release have included:

“I am very interested in the whole question of what Anglicanism is doing to help its devotees to do some real theology. All power to your elbow.” (Australia)

“I read about TEAC on the Anglican mailing list and I am interested in more information about what you do and how I can get in touch with other Anglican seminaries and theological teachers.” (Mozambique)

“I was greatly encouraged to hear of the TEAC meeting today through the ACNS. It is very heartening that Archbishop Rowan is making Theological Education a real priority.” (UK)

“I read with interest and enthusiasm concerning the direction of the study of this body appointed to search and research the scriptures and to know why we are Anglicans in a world which seems to know so little, theologically. I concur with your prayer and add mine to yours. May TEAC truly be led by our Trinitarian God in all your deliberations.” (USA)

“I want to register my interest in this with you, both in respect to theological education in general, and in particular with regard to theological education and the context of interfaith relations and engagements, especially Islam. If there is any way I can be of assistance, please let me know.” (New Zealand)

“I am excited to read about TEAC and would love to be kept informed - papers, developments, research, success stories, etc…We are involved with the discernment, training and development of ministry and leadership of laity and clergy.” (Australia)

I am an Episcopal priest and vicar to a cluster of small churches in Wisconsin. I have a lifetime commitment to lay education and to training deacon and local priest candidates…I would like to participate in your project at some level.” (USA)

“I note particularly the comment in the ACNS bulletin about viewing theological education 'holistically' - that is exactly the emphasis that I want to encourage in our academic programmes.” (Australia)

“Hullo Clare! Thanks for the work done on our behalf as Anglicans which is portrayed in one of the news stories from the Anglican Communion. I work as a church communicator in the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. I look forward to keeping in touch with you. Thanks and God bless.”

“Please send me resources you have available for the in the Anglican Communion especially TEAC information. Every blessing.” (Madagascar)

“We wish you well as you coordinate the work of TEAC. We shall be pleased to hear more about TEAC.”