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Primate of All Ireland speaks of building a New World

Posted on: April 11, 2003 2:17 PM
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[The Church of Ireland Press Office] The Church of Ireland Primate, Archbishop Robin Eames, tonight called for a new world order where compassion compels prosperous nations to strive for higher standards of living for those denied the basics of life.

Speaking this evening at the Annual Dinner of the British Institution of Civil Engineers in the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, Dr Eames said, "A new world order is emerging as a result of much more than the conflict in Iraq. That world order is asking questions of humanity about power, world institutions, justice and compassion as never before.

"Alongside power to influence, there must be a new awareness of human need in the global village. World influence will be much more potent if nations equate power with meeting humanitarian needs on the same basis that they now use military might.

"There has to be an international willingness to meet basic human needs, provide adequate food and resources, challenge world debt, if the new world order is to be one of building confidence and human understanding.

"The connection between world terrorism and poverty cannot be ignored.

"War is not the only way of exercising influence in places of potential danger. The new world order has got to be a place where compassion, relief and realism compel those who have to strive for greater equality of opportunity, higher standards of living - above all hope for those
denied the basics of life.

"Hope is still a rare commodity in our world. Without real human hope, armed conflict will continue to be a tragic agenda for the new world order."

Tonight's event was presided over by Professor Adrian Long of Queen's University, Belfast, the first person from Northern Ireland to be President of the British Institution of Civil Engineers.