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Anglican synod initiative to prevent child poverty and abuse

Posted on: June 10, 2002 4:15 PM
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The Anglican Church on the North Coast plans a fresh effort aimed at reducing child poverty and preventing child abuse.

At its annual Synod on May 25-26 it launched an audit of what more is needed for children on the North Coast and what more can be done by the Anglican Church.

The move follows meetings of all Australian Anglican bishops in Perth last month. The bishops expressed profound sorrow at reports of children being abused. They unanimously agreed to establish a range of measures designed to prevent future child abuse in the Church, including the establishment of stronger, clearer protocols on working with children. The North Coast initiatives are aimed at further strengthening the preventative framework.

(Synod is often described as the "parliament" of the church. The two-day conference was attended by more than 120 representatives from parishes, schools, Anglicare and other bodies in the diocese.) "Synod was asked to consider a number of important points involving children," Bishop Philip said.

  • Preventing child abuse: what is being done – what more can we do?
  • Reducing child poverty: what is being done – what more can we do?

"Child abuse is certainly not limited to particular socio-economic areas.

"However, if a reduction in child poverty, via less stressful living conditions, will reduce the risk of child abuse, we should be looking at ways of achieving this goal.

"I am sure all Australians, including members of our churches, are totally committed to these objectives. Our theme is based on Jesus words, “let the children come to me." (Luke 18:16)

Article from: Anglican Media Sydney