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Synagogue Reconstruction Fund

Posted on: May 1, 2002 1:33 PM
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Dear All

Attacks on synagogues have proliferated in recent weeks in Europe as well as elsewhere, as the situation has deteriorated between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

These attacks call for our prayers for the victims, the attackers, and the nations in which they have occurred. But I believe we Christians have to respond concretely as well.

As Bishop in Charge of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe, I am setting up a Synagogue Reconstruction Fund to allow members of the Convocation, friends, and parishes contribute to help re-build burned and damaged synagogues in the Convocation, especially France and Belgium. The Convocation has churches in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. This fund will be distributed to the appropriate Jewish agencies as needed for reconstruction and refurbishment of synagogues and schools (replacing burned-out school buses for instance.)

Funds may be paid in euros, dollars, pounds, or Swiss francs to the order of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe and sent to:

23 Avenue George V
75008 Paris

Tel: +33 153 238 404 for more information.

The Rt Revd Pierre W Whalon
Bishop in Charge
Convocation of American Churches in Europe