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Holywood Bible translation for Bosnia

Posted on: May 2, 2002 2:16 PM
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The Ministry for Europe Trust, based in Holywood, County Down, has just completed the printing and publishing of the first Bible into the Bosnian language.

Due to the ongoing opposition between the three ethnic minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the supply of any Serb or Croat literature amongst the Bosnians would be viewed as the spread of enemy propaganda. As such, after the recent civil unrest and continued international intervention, it became a necessity to translate the Bible into the unique language of the 2.5 million Bosnians.

Having overseen the transport and distribution of the first canonical Bible into the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry for Europe Trust was approached to assist in the printing of the first 100,000 Bibles for the Bosnian people.

Thomas Jennings, Director of the Trust, stated, "The truth and hope offered by the message of the Bible to the peoples across Europe is the only means of peace for our continent and for the world."

Article from: The Church of Ireland Gazette