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Media Information: The 2002 Meeting of the Primates of the Anglican Communion

Posted on: April 10, 2002 11:06 AM
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International Studies Centre, Canterbury, Kent

The Most Revd and Rt Hon Dr George L Carey
Archbishop of Canterbury, Chairman and Host

Official dates of meeting: 10th-16th April 2002

The Primates of the Anglican Communion have been called together for this last meeting with The Most Revd and Rt Hon Dr George L Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, who is Chairman and Host.

Church and Primate

The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
The Rt Revd John Paterson

The Anglican Church of Australia
The Most Revd Dr Peter Carnley, AO

The Church of Bangladesh
The Rt Revd Michael Baroi

Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil
The Most Revd Glauco Soares de Lima

The Episcopal Church of Burundi
The Most Revd Samuel Ndayisenga

The Anglican Church of Canada
The Most Revd Michael Peers

The Church of the Province of Central Africa
The Most Revd Bernard Malango

Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America
The Most Revd Cornelius Wilson

Province de L'Eglise Anglicane Du Congo
The Most Revd Patrice Njojo

The Church of England
The Most Revd and Rt Hon George Carey

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
The Most Revd Peter Kwong

The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
The Most Revd Remi Rabenirina

The Church of Ireland
The Most Revd Robert Eames

The Nippon Sei Ko Kai (The Anglican Communion in Japan)
The Most Revd John Jun'ichiro Furumoto

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and The Middle East
The Most Revd Iraj Mottahedeh

The Anglican Church of Kenya
The Most Revd Dr David Gitari

The Anglican Church of Korea
The Most Revd Paul Hwan Yoon

The Church of the Province of Melanesia
The Most Revd Sir Ellison Pogo KBE

La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico
The Most Revd Samuel Espinoza

The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)
The Most Revd Samuel San Si Htay

The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
The Most Revd Peter Akinola, DD

The Church of North India (United)
The Most Revd Zechariah Terom

The Church of Pakistan (United)
The Rt Revd Samuel Azariah

The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea
The Most Revd James Ayong

The Episcopal Church in the Philippines
The Most Revd Ignacio Soliba

L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
The Most Revd Emmanuel Kolini

The Scottish Episcopal Church
The Most Revd Andrew Bruce Cameron

Church of the Province of South East Asia
The Most Revd Datuk Yong Ping Chung

The Church of South India (United)
The Most Revd Dr Kunnumpurathu Samuel

The Church of the Province of Southern Africa
The Most Revd Njongonkulu Ndungane

Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America
The Most Revd Gregory Venables

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
The Most Revd Joseph Marona

The Anglican Church of Tanzania
The Most Revd Donald Mtetemela

The Church of the Province of Uganda
The Most Revd Livingstone Mpalanyi-Nkoyoyo

The Episcopal Church in the USA
The Most Revd Frank Griswold

The Church in Wales
The Most Revd Rowan Williams

The Church of the Province of West Africa
The Most Revd Robert Okine

The Church in the Province of the West Indies
The Most Revd Drexel Gomez

Press and Media Enquiries: Accredited (Press Card Holders) Media persons should note that there will be a Communications direct line contact during the meeting.

All calls should be directed to the Communications Room for The Primates Meeting at the International Studies Centre
Tel: 01227 472619 Fax: 01227 454659

Please do not call the main International Studies Centre telephone number. Calls cannot be transferred. Please use our private number above.

Any news, announcements, statements, prayer requests or information that the Primates might wish to share will be immediately available on the official web site of the Anglican Communion -; its news service, Anglican Communion News Service

Photos will be available (prints and email) as well, including group photos and individual requests that you might have for your publications.

Primates Meeting Communications
Anglican Communion Secretariat
157 Waterloo Rd
London SE1 8UT, England

Canon James M Rosenthal
Director of Communication for the Anglican Communion