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Transformation Africa 2002

Posted on: March 20, 2002 3:44 PM
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South Africa’s Human Right’s Day, 21 March 2002, will see over 250 000 Christians, in seven stadiums countrywide, praying to God to transform their cities, the Nation of South Africa and the continent of Africa. Their prayers will be joined by countless others listening to live radio broadcasts, watching TV or participating in smaller events planned in outlying cities. This year the event also invites international participation with live coverage on satellite TV throughout Africa and Europe (Channel 98 on DSTV through out Sub Saharan Africa, SABC throughout Africa and the GOD channel, channel 655 on Sky Digital in the UK and Europe).

Keynote speakers for the interdenominational event include Anglican priest and International Team Leader of African Enterprise (AE), Michael Cassidy, and Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of South Africa, Mvume Dandala. Prominent politicians from all levels of government, sports stars, business and community leaders will be in attendance at each of the seven stadiums. Specific areas for prayer include critical issues such as crime, HIV/AIDS, poverty, violence and sexual abuse, which are crippling the continent of Africa. Other activities at the events will include worship and spiritual dancing.

The event was first run last year by a group of businesspeople and church leaders in Cape Town. Ticket requests oversubscribed the number of seats in the stadium by 200%, with 45 000 lucky attendees arriving in scores of free buses and trains from all over the city of Cape Town. Due to the great success of this 2001 Cape Town Transformation prayer event, leaders in many other cities expressed their interest in joining the initiative in 2002. This vision has come to fruition, with Transformation Cape Town changing its name and vision to Transformation Africa.

The day itself will take place in three distinct time segments. The program will start at 13h00 (South African Time - GMT +2), with the first time segment being dedicated to praying for the region in which each stadium falls. At 14h00 all of the stadiums will be linked together by satellite feed and the program will be run primarily from Cape Town until 15h30. This time segment will be devoted to prayer on national issues, such as HIV/AIDS, and will also include messages from pastors and celebrities. The final timeslot, from 15h30 until the end at 17h00, will once again revert back to the regional organisers who will again focus on regional issues.

The convener of the Transformation event, Mr Graham Power, said, "I believe God has a great heart for Africa and that there is a lot of hope for our continent. We have no doubt that this day is destined to become an annual day of prayer for Africa."

The time is coming when Africa will no longer be known as the 'Dark Continent', but as a light to all nations. We invite all Christians, across denominational barriers, to join us in prayer that God bless Africa!