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Nigerian archbishop finds healthy church in America

Posted on: August 14, 2001 4:25 PM
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[ENS] After visiting four dioceses of the Episcopal Church in Chicago, Southern Ohio, Houston and Michigan, Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria said that, "the church I saw is as healthy as any church can be."

In an interview with Church of Nigeria News, Akinola said that he did not see signs of crisis in the American church, although he said that he had heard "from a number of our bishops that orthodoxy is in jeopardy in the American church in the sense that a number of dioceses do not uphold the authority of Scripture." During his visit he saw "people who are committed to mission and evangelism, just as we are."

Asked about the role of the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA), he said that he saw no signs of reconciliation between the Episcopal Church and the two bishops irregularly consecrated in Singapore January 2000. "Instead of working towards reconciliation, instead of working towards normalizing the consecration of those two bishops, more bishops are being made and that is totally wrong because the name for that is 'schism.' It's like creating another church within ECUSA. It is not permissible. In the Anglican world, there is the principle of autonomy, which requires bishops to recognize their geographical boundaries and to accord due process, recognition and respect to the bishop of another diocese."

Akinola said that "the fact that there are parts of the American church that have problems is not a sufficient ground for brother primates or brother bishops to go and split the American church. It is not right. What we primates have advocated is that there should be a sustained pastoral care for those who feel alienated or marginalized by those dioceses that are not holding to orthodoxy." He added that he could not support "any schismatic or separatist agenda for any church, be it America, Singapore or Uganda or anywhere for that matter."