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Anglican Youthworks launches new site

Posted on: August 24, 2001 5:59 PM
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Telling others, what others are doing for the Lord.

17 August 2001

Christians are among the most avid Internet users. This is particularly true for the young and those who work with them. It is with these people in mind that Anglican Youthworks, the Youth Department of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, has launched a web site that is set to become a key resource for those involved in Christian children's and youth work.

The web site provides opportunities for them to connect with others in ministry, share resources, discuss issues, find expert advice, share personal news and find free sample resources. The site, designed by t-bone productions, is fresh and dynamic.

Designed around the idea of a café, the discussion boards will provide a place for leaders to get together to share ideas, problems and resources and also to discuss some of the important issues related to working with young people.

Youthworks' advisors can be contacted for help, and the replies will be used to build a comprehensive database of frequently asked questions. Live chat sessions will also be scheduled from time to time.

The Youthworks Resource Centre is a place for people to share resources they have developed with others. "There are many people producing good quality resources for their own groups, they just need a place to share them", says Rev Tim Foster, Director of the Church Resource Unit.

"We hope that programs, teacher resources, ideas and training resources will be made available."

Other features of the site include a Camp/conference centre search engine that allows churches and individuals to find their ideal camp/conference centre. Based on requirements such as group size and catering options, people can find the centre that best suits their needs. Essential information such as location maps, travelling directions and rate schedules can also be found and downloaded from the site.

The new site is now live and can be found at Membership of the Youthworks online community is free and we encourage all those involved in ministry to join so we can serve you more effectively.