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Geeks unite! Closer ties between Anglicans and Lutherans join web site managers

Posted on: July 24, 2001 3:11 PM
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by Leanne Larmondin

Full communion between Anglican and Lutheran churches in Canada is coming to the Internet just weeks after being approved by the national churches.

Whether they call themselves web master, web tender, web site manager, web verger or (shudder) web spinner, the people who manage Anglican and Lutheran web sites are being invited to join an e-mail discussion list.

Launched by Keith Nunn, one of the two web site managers of the Anglican Church of Canada, the new Wwwebbers list is simply intended to link the various Anglican web site people "for their mutual benefit," he says.

The invitation, sent, of course, by e-mail to any people identifiable as responsible for Anglican and Lutheran web sites, invites web types at any level (parish, diocesan, provincial and national) to join the list to discuss mutual concerns. List members may share experience, tips and problems with their sites, both technical and even political. Just one week after the invitation was sent out, 15 subscribers have joined the list.

Diocesan and parish web site managers can also find Anglican Church of Canada logos and other art for their own web sites at

Information on the discussion list and instructions for subscribing can be found at