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Archbishop Robin Eames' Easter 2001 message

Posted on: April 11, 2001 6:27 PM
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Christian Message: The Christian message of Easter is one of hope, fresh beginnings and new dimensions to life. The Resurrection of Christ lies at the center of the Christian experience. But it is at the personal and individual level that that message finds its real meaning.

Foot and Mouth Crisis: This Easter those who are involved in our farming community know the real meaning of despair and disappointment. The knock-on affect of the foot and mouth crisis touches many lives and many occupations. There is bewilderment and anger abroad in the countryside. So many need a new sense of hope - and so many need a realistic answer to despair. The Easter hope speaks directly to them.

Memories: There are many in our community who find their lives dominated by memories of the past - and many such memories are ones of sadness, even resentment. Easter speaks to us all about how we deal with our memories as a society - and as individuals.

Forgotten People: There are many who are searching for a dimension to their lives which will provide a sense of usefulness, a sense of purpose and a sense of identity. They feel forgotten and undervalued as people. The Easter message speaks of the sanctity of each human life - and its importance to God.

New Confidence: May we all pray that the message of peace which springs from the empty tomb will bring genuine renewal, hope and a new confidence throughout our community this Easter.