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The Light comes to Sudan

Posted on: March 28, 2000 5:23 PM
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[The Light] The Diocese of Yambio has published the first edition of a new quarterly newsletter, The Light, which marks a new stage in the development and growth of the Episcopal Church of Sudan.

"This newsletter is the initiative of the Diocese that needs your prayers," said Bishop Peter Munde, writing in a front page editorial. "The Diocese of Yambio has laid down a five year plan, which among others, focuses on the spread of the Good News, promotion of literacy, Church leadership and vocational training, and farming for food for security to discourage dependency on foreign aid."

The Diocese was formed in 1976 with the Rt Revd Yeramaya Kufuta Datiro as its founding bishop. Following his death in 1983, the Diocese was served for 14 years by the Rt Revd Daniel Zindo until his untimely death in October 1998 in a road accident in Nairobi. Under the present bishop, the church in the diocese continues to grow, despite many ups and downs.

One of the articles in the first issue highlights the difficulties faced by the Diocese in its farming for food programme. Despite being a fertile area in a country where many die through lack of food, the Diocese has been unable to sell the all food it had grown, and some had been left to rot.

Between 1994 and 1995, Yambio Diocese produced what was by local standards a bumper harvest of ground nuts, millet and maize, but was unable to find and market. The following year several agaencies promised to buy crops from the church and other local farmers, encouraging an increase in production. Unfortunately buyers failed to materialise for the crops. One organisation purchased a metric tonne of rice, and another bartered ground nuts for school uniforms.

World Vision is now the only organisation buying crops from the Diocese of Yambio, but this has been enough to allow small scale production, and the hope is that more will be sold in the future, withplans to increase the acreage for cash crops such as maize, soya beans and ground nuts.

"We plan to continue producing more [editions of The Light] if we succeed to get some financial support from friends and well-wishers of the Diocese," said the Rt Revd Peter Munde. "The Light is a medium for the dissemination of information about the Diocese."

The Diocese of Yambio can be contacted via the Episcopal Church of Sudan Office, PO Box 7576, Kampala, Uganda. Telephone and Fax: +256 413 43497. Email