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Update from the Church

Posted on: September 5, 1997 12:38 PM
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Following reports of unrest in parts of Kenya, ACC staff contacted the Provincial Headquarters of the Anglican Church in Kenya. The Revd Canon Enos Z Ashimala, the Provincial Secretary, sent this report on 3 September:

"At the present time the Church of the Province of Kenya (Anglican) is stable and enjoying its peace. That does not exclude the recent past where you heard of the chase and attack of worshippers at the All Saints' Cathedral in Nairobi, which left a number of people bleeding from the beatings and injuries inflicted by the police. We later heard of an apology from them (the police). Following this the Archbishop later conducted a ceremony and service of cleansing. This brought back to normal the events of the Cathedral which had stopped for sometime.

"But there has been some uprising and turmoil at the coast - Likoni, a place in Mombasa, where some unknown assailants attacked villagers by shooting and killing people. They also attacked a Police Station where they shot and killed a number of policemen. They burnt down the Police Station. A few days later the thugs returned and shot bullets into a Catholic Church where a number of people had taken refuge. This situation is now under control by the Kenya Government, and the suspects have been arrested and charged. But most schools in this violence-hit area in Mombasa and Kwale remained closed for the third day since the beginning of this term."