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Primate Condemns Arson

Posted on: April 18, 1997 11:36 AM
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The Primate of All Ireland, the Most Revd Dr Robin Eames, has warned against further outbreaks of sectarian turmoil after attacks in Armagh and Antrim left two churches in ruins and a third badly damaged.

The Primate extended his sympathy and that of his Church to the Roman Catholic Primate of All Ireland, Archbishop Sean Brady, after a Roman Catholic church was almost completed destroyed. "Those who carry out such attacks cannot claim, and must not be allowed to claim, that they are acting on behalf of the vast majority of decent people in either of our communities," said Dr Eames.

The Primate said that such actions were an example of the sickness which lies at the root of so many of the problems in Northern Ireland, "naked, corrosive sectarianism.

"However, to burn deliberately a place of any tradition dedicated to the worship of Almighty God is to take sectarianism to the ultimate limit. If these attacks continue our entire society will be dragged into a new nightmare of division and suffering. No support or encouragement either by word or action - or by silence - must be given to such actions at this time."