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American Companion Diocese Speaks Out

Posted on: February 14, 1997 3:05 PM
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The Diocese of Newark in America has just passed a resolution on Hong Kong at its annual convention. The Resolution states:

    Resolved, that this 123rd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark calls upon our Primate to insist on a full and thorough review by officials of the Anglican Communion of proposals underway in the Diocese of Hong Kong to split itself into three dioceses and declare itself an independent province.

The resolution was submitted by Dr Debra Brown, a Trustee of the Diocese, Dr. Louie Crew, a Member of the Standing Committee.

Supporting information

While the Diocese of Newark was a companion Diocese to the Diocese of Hong Kong from 1986 to 1992, persons developed close relationships with one another. The Diocese of Newark continues to maintain a Diocesan Task Force on China/Hong Kong relations.

  • There has been much secrecy regarding the proposed new province.
  • The Diocese of Hong Kong did not even request that this proposal be on the agenda of the October 1996 meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Panama.
  • Some of us feel that the Diocese of Hong Kong might present the structural proposals as a fait accompli without proper review by the Anglican Communion.
  • There has not been open disclosure of the audit of the huge Bishops Discretionary Fund in Hong Kong. We would like assurance that this money will remain in Hong Kong, under exclusive control of church membership, for the vital missions for which the money was originally donated.

With July 1, 1997 as the date on which China resumes sovereignty in Hong Kong, we think this matter of great urgency.