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Churches Renew Calls for Reform

Posted on: January 31, 1997 2:56 PM
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The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) and the Roman Catholic Church in Kenya have renewed their calls for constitutional reforms before the next General Elections scheduled for later this year.

In separate statements the NCCK and the Justice and Peace Commission of the Kenya Episcopal Conference (Roman Catholic) particularly take issue with the authorities over the 31 January deadline for the issue of new generation identity cards. This has caused concern because a government directive has stated that old generation identity cards will not be valid after January. As the cards are a requirement for voter registration the Churches have asked that the deadline be extended. There is also concern about information contained on the cards being open to abuse.

The NCCK through its latest statement jointly signed by Anglican Bishop and Council Chairman, Bishop Joseph Wasonga, and the NCCK General Secretary, highlight concerns about good governance and the economy, administrative, legislative and constitutional reforms, public morality and the process towards the December General Elections.

The NCCK has commended the Government's commitment to legislative and policy reforms as previously promised but has asked for a "clearly detailed time frame within which the elections and the promised reforms will be carried out. Such information would reduce uncertainties and fear."