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England: Priest fasts for Sudan

Posted on: November 6, 1996 2:27 PM
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A priest from Birmingham diocese is keeping 40 day vigil on bread and water outside the British Foreign Office in London from 26 September until 5 November to urge the British Government to help with a peace settlement in the Sudan after 40 years of war in the country.

The Revd Dr Dick Rodgers is calling for a review of British policy in the Sudan and for the appointment of a special British envoy to talk to the main contestants in the war and to encourage a settlement.

On 10 October Dr Rodgers met the Minister of State responsible for relations with the Sudan who told the priest that he respected what he was doing. Dr Rodgers was asked to go through his proposals with the Minister's officials and the Minister himself agreed to see Dr Rodgers again.

Dr Rodgers has been working full-time on the Sudan issue for the past three years and is secretary to a campaigning organisation called Light and Hope for Sudan.