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VIDEO: Meet the new Primate-elect of The Episcopal Church

In an interview with the Episcopal News Service, The Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry speaks about his priorities for leadership and administration, the role of the church in engaging God’s mission in the world, the state of race relations in the US, the importance of Anglican Communion partnerships, and his commitment to what he calls the Jesus Movement - to go out into the world “to bear witness to the good news of Jesus.”

01 July 2015 | YouTube | Open media

VIDEO: Archbishop Makgoba fasts for the climate

Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Makgoba explains why he fasted for the climate during the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, 1-11 June 2015.

16 June 2015 | YouTube | Open media

VIDEO: Anglican moderator of WCC reflects on pilgrimage

Dr Agnes Abuom, moderator of the World Council of Churches Central Committee, from the Anglican Church of Kenya reflects on the concept of pilgrimage and the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace from an African perspective.

“The historical part of this pilgrimage is for us to affirm our identity as children of God, created in the image of God, as we journey with others globally, in search of just peace”, she says.

The concept of pilgrim doesn’t necessarily find an easy linguistic translation in all the languages of her continent, she notes, but thinking about movement, there is an opportunity to seek peace, and transform those structures that perpetuate and enhance injustice.

More on the WCC Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace.

07 May 2015 | YouTube | Open media

VIDEO: 'Prayer is one of the most dangerous things anyone can ever do'

Speaking at a 24-7 Prayer 'Boiler Room' in Guildford, UK, recently, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said that when we meet Jesus in prayer we are 'introduced to our true identity'.

In his talk the Archbishop said: "The question of 'Who am I? Who am I really? What is my true identity...' [is] at the heart of most philosophy; it’s at the heart of most religion of all faiths everywhere; finding who one is – either to escape it, or to be it, or to become it completely, or to change it. And the incredible thing about meeting Jesus [in prayer] is we are introduced to our true identity, and we spend the rest of our lives discovering what that means in practice.”

28 April 2015 | Vimeo | Open media

VIDEO: Archbishop Welby's message to Global Citizen Earth Day rally

The Archbishop of Canterbury sent a message to the Global Citizen Earth Day rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, April 18.

The major event brought together international policymakers, NGOs and artists calling for immediate action to end extreme poverty and address climate change.

Find out more about the event

20 April 2015 | YouTube | Open media

Top News

German Protestant Kirchentag opens to call for renewal of global order

Former United States president Barack Obama joined German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in front of tens of thousands of people on 25 May, the first full day of Germany’s biggest Protestant gathering, the Kirchentag, or “church festival”.


USPG stands with Philippines' church following 'illegal arrest' of bishop

Anglican Mission Agency, the USPG is standing in solidarity alongside the Philippines Independent Church following the arrest of a bishop on what it describes as 'the spurious charge of illegal possession of firearms and ammunitions’.


Sudan announced as a new Province within the Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion has announced that Sudan will, in a few months from now, become a separate Province is its own right. Currently, Sudan is an internal province within the Anglican Church of South Sudan and Sudan.

Plans unveiled for Archbishop Janani Luwum 40th anniversary commemorations

A major commemoration will take place next month to mark the 40th Anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Janani Luwum by Ugandas then-president, Idi Amin.