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In Profile: Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit talks about his life growing up, his inspiration to follow Christ and election as Archbishop of Kenya.

14 July 2016 | YouTube | Open media

Christchurch Cathedral earthquake drone foootage

A camera attached to a drone captures captivating imagery from inside Christchurch's earthquake-damaged Cathedral.

07 July 2016 | YouTube | Open media

Meet "the coolest grandma on Earth"

As part of its campaign against cuts in the Australian government’s aid budget, Anglican Overseas Aid, has produced this video featuring Grandma Martha, from Nyeri County in Kenya. Grandma Martha had to raise her grandchildren after her son died from HIV. In the video, she explains the difference Australian aid has made in the life of her family and community.

16 June 2016 | YouTube | Open media

Archbishop Welby on the UK's EU Referendum

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, explains why he supports the UK’s continuing membership of the European Union. The country will hold a referendum on 23 June when voters will decide whether to remain or leave in the 28-member inter-state trading and political union. Opinion polls show that the nation is evenly divided on the issue.

14 June 2016 | YouTube | Open media

VIDEO: Chaplains' View on EU Vote

The world will be watching when the UK votes on whether to stay in the EU later this month. Interventions by President Obama and the heads of the US Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund, among others, prove this has become a global story. The result will have ramifications for immigration, trade and security beyond Europe’s shores. Anglican clergy across the continent are watching the whirlwind of claim and counter-claim about the impact of a vote to leave.  Several chaplains in the Diocese of Europe have been giving ACNS their perspective.

08 June 2016 | YouTube | Open media

Top News

Prayers for victims and rescuers following Genoa bridge collapse

The Holy Ghost Anglican Church in Genoa says that its members living near the collapsed Morandi bridge have all been reported safe.

New Dawn for Latino / Hispanic ministries in the US-based Episcopal Church

Stewardship, church growth and evangelism will be explored at a conference designed to strengthen US-based Latino / Hispanic congregations.


Countdown to Lambeth 2020

Archbishops from around the Communion have been speaking to ACNS about looking forward to the Lambeth Conference in 2020 as planning for the event gathers momentum and giving their views on the importance of the Anglican Communion.

Easter messages from Anglican Primates

A collection of Easter Messages issued by Primates of the Provinces of the Anglican Communion.