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Salvation for the Young

Salvation for the Young

Maupi Letsoalo

28 April 2017 2:41PM

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When a child grows up, he/she looks up to those around him/her. He/she learns the way they live and adapts to their way of living.

I mean I grew up knowing that Sunday is for church without any room for hesitation. The frequent Sunday school lessons that turned to Saturday confirmation classes which led to Friday youth meetings are what my life was/is all about.

The Church does all it can to keep you from the troubles that come with growing up and your family backs it all up. However, no one ever explains the mourning that comes with growing up. No one really prepares you for the battles you get to fight as a young Christian.

It is like having planned a conversation in your head with someone but not have them follow the script.

We are told what not to do but we are not told why not. We are told to stand up for ourselves when we are tested about our Christianity but we are not advised how to. We are taught to grow up and work for the church but we are not empowered.

I personally think the reason we lack the young offering themselves for priesthood goes beyond being given the opportunity to do so but it is also because many of us do not understand the deeper meaning of it all. It is more of a sacrifice, to reject what is attractive to our eyes, which cuts out all the fun. Our focus is less on evangelism and sustaining the church.

We have not really been taught how to have fun in church and so, the things outside the church are what catch our attention. As we grow up, we experience the freedom that our parents barely warned us about and we are attracted by things we have never been exposed to. Our peers challenge us about our Christianity but we do not know enough to defend ourselves and we fall for the traps of the world. If you’re lucky, you are able to bounce back on the right path but what about those who are already deep in the distractions of this world?

Who gets to rescue them from the pit of lions? Let the church rise up for the Jeremiahs that are out in the world, desperate for salvation. The future of the church lies in their hands and that future is right now.

Maupi Letsoalo, President, Anglican Students Federation


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1 Comment

Khushbakht Peters

20 May 2017 3:47PM

Maupi, What an amazing article! I will be sharing this with the youth leaders of my church. God bless you!